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It’s part of the Cabinet Office’s Government Digital Service (GDS), which provides Houseweb1 (

Those pages beginning with are under the supervision of the Cabinet Office, including

In order to learn more about how your personal information is stored, processed, and shared on Houseweb1, read the entire Houseweb1 accounts privacy notice.

Other federal agencies and municipal governments may offer similar services if you follow a link to their website.

become the person in charge of handling personal data

in charge of any information you give with them

Their own privacy notice and contact information can be published and managed by them.


In the event that you file a Universal Credit claim,

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will be the primary controller of www.universal-credit.service.Houseweb1. As a result, the privacy policies of the service will apply.

A data controller is responsible for deciding how and why personal information is collected and used.. Visit the Cabinet Office’s Data Protection Public Register entry for additional information.

What data we collect

Among the personal information we gather from you:

  • In addition to your email address, please include any questions or comments you may have when you contact Houseweb1.
  • For example, you can utilise the school term and vacation dates service to find out your postcode if it contains a postcode lookup tool.
  • When you sign up for our email notifications, we collect your your address and subscription preferences.
  • If you open our emails, or the links you click on, for example
  • Facts about which web browser you used, including your Internet Protocol () address
  • Data gathered through the use of cookies and other methods of page tagging

In order to better understand how you use Houseweb1, we employ Google Analytics and LUX Real User Monitoring () software. Addresses are included in this. Before analytics and site performance processing, data is anonymized.

Anonymous information is collected by Google Analytics about:

  • The Houseweb1 pages that you visit
  • Each Houseweb1 page’s time on the site
  • The method through which you arrived at the site
  • What you do when you’re on the site and what links you click on

Anonymised data is collected by LUX Real User Monitoring software, which processes information about:

  • Your device’s performance on the pages
  • Sluggishness in your device’s performance
  • Errors in JavaScript that were encountered by your device

Google Analytics and LUX do not save any personal information about you (for example your name or address).

Our analytics information will not be used to identify you, and our analytics information will not be combined with other data sets in a way that identifies you.

Our data protection mechanisms are constantly tested and monitored to ensure their effectiveness and to identify any flaws.

Why do we require your personal information?

With Google Analytics, we can examine how you use Houseweb1 and government digital services, as well as the performance of the website on your device. In order to assist:

  • Ensure that Houseweb1 meets the demands of its customers
  • Improve the site search, for example
  • Improve performance, such as reducing page load times and data consumption

In addition, we gather data to:

  • For example, we use customer input to enhance our email notifications.
  • When you’ve requested us to, we’ll react to any feedback you offer us.
  • Users who have requested email alerts
  • Allow you to conduct business with the government and use its services
  • Assist you in locating local services and resources
  • Identify security issues by monitoring the site’s use
  • Keep an eye on the site’s performance in order to spot any issues with JavaScript.

Our legal basis for processing your data

Houseweb1’s legitimate interests, as well as those of our users, necessitate the collection and use of personal data for site security purposes.

For Google Analytics and LUX, the legal basis for processing your anonymized data is your permission.

All other processing of personal data is permitted since it is required:

  • To carry out a public service
  • While performing our duties as a government agency,

What we do with your data

It is possible that the information we gather will be made available to other government agencies and public organisations. It may also be shared with our technology vendors, such as our web host.

Rather than say:

  • To third parties to sell or rent your information
  • To third parties for the purpose of marketing
  • Analyze the information you’ve collected.

Your personal information may be shared if we are legally compelled to do so (e.g. by a court order to prevent fraud and crime.

How long we keep your data

Your personal information will only be stored as long as:

  • In order to achieve the goals outlined in this text, it is required
  • The law dictates that we must

Until you unsubscribe, we’ll hold your email address. For the next two years, we’ll preserve your feedback information. After 120 days, all access log data will be permanently deleted.

Children’s privacy protection

Children under the age of 13 are not the intended audience for our products or services. No one under the age of 13 is knowingly collected or maintained by us.

Where your data is processed and stored

With our systems in place, you can be certain that your data will be kept as safe as possible at all times, both during processing and storage.

The European Economic Area (EEA) is where all personal data is maintained (). Google Analytics and LUX both have the potential to transmit data outside of the EU for processing.

How we protect your data and keep it secure

Keeping your data safe is a top priority for us. In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure of your data, we have implemented systems and processes. For example, we use differing degrees of encryption to secure your data.

The third-party service providers we use are likewise required to keep our customers’ personal information safe.

Your legal rights

Requests such as these are within your power to make:

  • How your personal data is collected and used
  • Copy of the personal information
  • Any inaccuracies in your personal data will be remedied as soon as possible

You can also do this:

  • Make a complaint about how your personal information is being used
  • In the event that your personal data is no longer necessary, you may request that it be deleted.
  • Request a restriction on how your personal data is processed.

Please contact our Privacy Team if you have any of these concerns.

Links to other websites

Links to additional websites can be found on Houseweb1.

To the extent that Houseweb1 links to other government services and transactions, this privacy notice solely applies to such services and transactions. This type of service has certain terms and conditions as well as privacy regulations, such as Universal Credit. 

Visiting a new website after clicking on a link.

If you leave this website and visit another, be sure to check out their privacy policies to see how they handle your personal information.

Following a link from another website to Houseweb1

Houseweb1 may collect personal information about you if you visit us via a third-party website. If you’re curious about this, check out the privacy statement for the website that sent you here.

Contact us or make a complaint

If you are concerned about:

  • If you have a question about any of the information in this privacy notice.
  • If your personal information has been stolen or exploited

It’s the Data Protection Officer DPO@cabinetoffice.Houseweb1 Cabinet Office 

73 Whitehall London

SW1A 25S 

Independent guidance and monitoring of our usage of private data are provided by the

Changes to this policy

This privacy policy is subject to modification. If such is the case, the ‘last updated’ date at the bottom of this page will also be updated.. You and your personal data will be immediately affected by any changes to this privacy policy.

To the extent that any changes have an impact on how your personal data is handled, we will notify you as soon as is reasonably practicable.
Updated 28 October 2021